$235,719 in my last month of eCommerce while working from home!
Tired of working your 9 to 5 job?
Tired of struggling to pay bills?
Tired of seeing other people with success online but you have yet to have results?

I get it. I was once there!

I went from stuck at a 9 to 5 job to owning multi-million dollar E-Commerce Stores online and picking up my dream car a new Lamborghini Huracan Spyder!

The reason why I decided to give out my EXACT BLUEPRINT and not just another basic training program is because I'm a firm believer in the Law of Reciprocity. The more you give the more you receive.
As you will see below this isn't just another training program. This is my EXACT BLUEPRINT and this is why you will see massive results from my students below. Not just $50 days from my students but massive 4 and 5 figure days! ūüĎá

April 5th 2019....The day I finally picked up my dream car a Lamborghini Huracan! It's crazy to think that I went from driving a 1998 Ford Focus six years ago to now driving a Lamborghini.
My Shopify Mastery Blueprint Finally Makes Making Money with eCom EASY!
What is Unique About My Blueprint?
My Training Program consists of my secret strategy the "Audience Funnel Strategy" that I have created and use to generate OVER $200,000 in sales EVERY Month with ease!
Facebook Ads and Marketing
My Facebook Ads and Marketing Strategy is VERY COST EFFECTIVE. With this strategy you don't need a massive bankroll. You can start off with $50-$100 for marketing expenses and use that to scale up! You will also learn many strategies to market your products that are free!
Finding Hot Products
You will learn NEW strategies on how to find very hot products that aren't even being sold yet to generate sales QUICKLY! No need to spy on competitors when you can find your own HOT PRODUCTS before everyone else sells it!
Audience Funnel Strategy
My ground breaking strategy that will have you making sales that are consistent and EASY to scale up! (Cannot find this strategy on youtube or anywhere else!) This is the strategy my students use to have Thousand Dollar Days in their first few weeks!
What an average couple of days looks like using the Audience Funnel Strategy
What do I love MOST about eCommerce? Besides being completely free to do what I want when I want I love the fact that I can travel the world while making passive income! Here are some of the places I have traveled to in the last couple of years!

So you have tried many other programs and never had success online. Why? Because you got just another training program instead of an EXACT step by step BLUEPRINT. The results of my students are MASSIVE only because they get EXACTLY what I do which makes everything easier. Check out some of my students' results below! ūüĎá
                                                                          Adrian Gallegos: $1,200+ a Day!
                                                                           Vanessa Jordyn: $500+ Profits Daily!
                                                                          Renelis AR: $7,000+ Days!
                                                                          Mike Tucker: $1,500+ Days!
                                                                          Desmond Okafor: $1,000+ Days!

These are just a select few success stories. I am proud to say that this year alone I have helped over 50 students make their first 6 figures and hundreds of others make 5 figures in profits! ALSO this year I have my first Million Dollar Student (Jean Pablo) you can see the video I created about him on my Facebook page! You can add me on my official Facebook Page here: www.facebook.com/LucasJacksonOfficial

Before you check out the course content check out a RARE inside look at one of my stores that makes over $200,000 in sales every month! ūüĎá
    Dropship Mastery 2.0 Course Content
Jan 1, 2019 Brand New Course
  • * Intro - Mindset
  • * Mindset Affirmations
  • * How to be Profitable in 2019! (NEW STRATEGY)
  • * What to Sell
  • * Spying on Competitors (NEW HACK)
  • * Spying on Competitors Pt. 2
  • * Store Set Up
  • * Ali Express Alternatives
  • * Print on Demand (NEW STRATEGY)
  • * Mid Training Motivation
  • * Facebook Ads Intro
  • * Engagement Ad
  • * Conversion Ad (NEW STRATEGY)
  • * Look-A-Like Audience (NEW STRATEGY)
  • * Reviewing Facebook Ads Stats
  • * Facebook Ads Overview
  • * Secret Ads OUTSIDE of FB (NEW STRATEGY)

  • My video training teaches you everything you need to crush eCommerce, and more!

Hear what Kevin O'Leary aka Mr. Wonderful From Shark Tank has to say!

    For a Limited Time I Am Offering Two Packages!
    Package 1: Shopify Mastery Training Blueprint ($197)
    • ¬†Full access to The Shopify Mastery Blueprint with consistent updates. Value: $2997
    • ‚ÄčThe Secret Audience Funnel Strategy. Value: $1997
    • ‚ÄčMe as your mentor answering all of your questions: Value: Priceless
    • ‚ÄčThat is an over $5,000 value for a one time payment of just $197!

    Package 2: Full Store Build, Shopify Mastery Training Blueprint & GUARANTEED SALES! ($997)
    • ¬†Full access to The Shopify Mastery Blueprint with consistent updates. Value: $2997
    • ‚ÄčThe Secret Audience Funnel Strategy. Value: $1997¬†
    • ‚ÄčFull High Converting Store Build with High Converting Theme: Value: $1497
    • ‚ÄčI will personally run your first Facebook Ad to get you GUARANTEED SALES: Value: $1497
    • ‚ÄčMe as your mentor answering all of your questions: Value: Priceless
    • ‚ÄčThat¬†is an over $8,000 value for a one time payment of just $997!

    Course prices will double after the first 100 students to ensure quality service to new students. Sign Up Now!    
    Time to Crush eCommerce!
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